Bare And Beautiful 


Finding contentment in natural beauty can sometimes come as a struggle. As human beings we are prone to poke and prod at our imperfections. Most of the time we just need to sit with ourselves-take ourselves in.


The simplicity of skin and incorporating nude tones into our wardrobe represents that unaffected beauty we all possess. Fashion and style are already a way of expressing yourself, no matter how loud or low key you choose to portray yourself. Skin and their tones are the bare minimum and represent so much freedom in such an organic way. 

We are covered in detail when we are covered by very little. The beauty marks on our skin, the snags in the fabric of our clothes, to the way we wear our hair and lay our hands are all minimal representation of beautiful expression, unique to you. Radiance is found in the self-acceptance that we grant ourselves.


Many think of nude tones as plain-generic. We find deeper meaning in those shades and chose to display that meaning from many different angles, in many different outfits and many different skin tones. Vulnerability is what we are focused on-natural vulnerability. Many find the word style incorporated with clothing and our goal is to look at and acknowledge that point, further. What does style look like for everyone, not just for those who are up with the trends? We enjoy finding the hidden obvious in all indviduals. Take some time to sit with yourself and explore what it is that makes you your own kind of beautiful, in the most obvious ways. 

Photography: Lauren Krysti  / Hair And Makeup: Fatima Olive  & Angelia Guthrie / Models: Megan Keefe & Ruby Garthune / Writing: Hillary Streitberger

Melanie Haroldson