For Melanie Haroldson, design is more than arranging information, it’s about solving the puzzles that are all around us. Melanie believes that, often, these puzzles are solved by connecting people with the right skills and talents to the projects they will be able to bring to fruition. The opportunity to help people realize their own potential is one of the things Melanie loves most about her role as a creative-director. This verve for collaboration was also the driving force behind the creation of Pegboard, which she founded with photographer Lauren Krysti in order to create a space where artists can connect and cooperate.

Having spent much of her life in Nebraska, the Dakotas, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, Melanie is a tried and true Midwesterner. She currently makes her home near Minneapolis, with her husband, two children, a dog and a cat. There, she runs Haroldson Art & Design, a multidisciplinary creative studio with a focus on design and brand development.