Fresh Start

Fresh year. Fresh face.

It’s been a whirlwind of a year so far. More specifically, a vortex. A cold, dry and brutal polar vortex here in Minnesota. Thought it might be a good time share this sweet and fresh little teen beauty shoot from last summer. With skin currently feeling like the surface of mars - cold, dry and a wee bit dusty - we could really use a little bit of that youthful glow and a nice fresh start to this crisp new year. Now off to find a nice super-hydrating face mask, and the fountain of youth! *No retouching, ‘cause… no need.


Photography: Lauren Krysti  / Creative Direction, Prop & Wardrobe Styling: Melanie Haroldson / Hair & Make Up: Kristine Loehrer / Talent: Vada Qvale

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