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Throwback, all the way to 2014. This was the year that Lauren and Melanie, first collaborated. Little did they know that this initial project would  expand into a something much bigger than either of them... and, hint hint, you're looking at it right now! Since Lauren and Melanie first found kindred creative spirits in one another, The Pegboard has blossomed into a circle of close-knit, talented collaborators, growing to include makeup artists, stylists, models, designers, and illustrators. 

Check out that initial project and hear the story from Melanie's own perspective below!

Photography: Lauren Krysti / Art Direction & Styling: Melanie Haroldson.



Melanie: "At the time, I was compulsively creating props and thing-a-majigs for what would become my daughter's 4th Birthday Party in Neverland. (Threw myself way into that one!) I wasn't exactly sure why, but I knew I just loved making these things, these little stories. I knew I didn't want to make products for parties, or party plan, or business, business, business... I just wanted to make these small little treasures, one of a kind, capture them and make more. Lauren had proposed doing a little test shoot with my daughter, and I thought - yeah, I'll bring some of these things I'd been making - they might be fun to create some imagery."




Melanie: "It was magic. Lauren turned these simple things I brought into a living fairytale... but, like, modern and sweet and dreamy. It made me so, so happy - just tossing out ideas with Lauren, and she would throw back even better ones."





Melanie: "From what I know now, Lauren was feeding off of this all just as much as me. She loves shooting people and kids, creating that connection between them and the viewer - and was craving more of this type of work as well. We decided to do another shoot together - this time of my lost boy, and caught him in all of his mischievous glory. She froze the sweetness in him, and his curiosity in the glimmer in his eyes. I love these pictures. They are the heart of these little babies I brought into this world. Sweet and curious, bright-eyed and full of joy. Not only do these pics mark that brief moment in their childhood, but they mark the beginning of one of my all-time favorite friendships. Lauren and I are kind-of tremendously opposite of each other - but, that's what we all need, isn't it? Someone that has just enough of what we lack to balance us out. And enough mutual respect and admiration to listen to what the other has to offer. "





Melanie: "Fast forward to where we are now. Still throwing ideas at each other, always willing to do what we can to make them happen. It's a pretty rad friendship and I'm thrilled to get to share some of them with you through the PegBoard projects. "



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Fairy bag and Lost Boy Bag made by Christiana Kippels