Winter is Coming


GUILTY! Like everyone else, we watch far too much Game of Thrones. Even if you get lost about why Stannis Baratheon thinks he has any right to the Iron Throne - you can still enjoy the beauty of the sets, the costumes, and - of course, Jon Snow. But the thing that strikes us more than anything is the impeccable use of  light to create a sense of mood.  This project is a celebration of just that: creating a wild, rough beauty using only the simple play light, body, and makeup. Sometimes, that's all you need: Simplicity. (But, then again, sometimes you also need the Iron Throne.)

Photography: Lauren Krysti /Art Direction & Styling:  Melanie Haroldson /  Hair And Makeup: Fatima Olive / Model: Adeline Burger



behind the scenes

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Melanie Haroldson