Party's Over

Summer always seems to run away before we are ready. Soon enough, it's time for the party to end and for kids going back to school, that's a tough pill to take. So we thought what better way to keep the party going than to pull together a wardrobe that screams "fun!"? We partnered with illustrator Sarah Evenson to add her playful touch on some fresh back to school looks for our favorite tweens. Add some retro makeup, hairstyles, and sleepover-level-of-fun in the mix and you've got one up on the breakfast club.  So, yes, even though these tweens weren't yet around when Molly Ringwald was customizing (read: mutilating) her prom dress in Pretty in Pink, that same spirit is alive and well!

Photography: by Lauren Krysti / Art Direction & Styling: Melanie Haroldson /
Hair and Makeup: Fatima Olive / Patterns and illustration: Sarah Evenson.


Neon Tween17340.jpg

behind the scenes

° ° °

Illustrator Sarah Evenson created screen prints with layers of hand painting and stenciling for surface design concepts.
She then printed favorites onto garments for the final shoot.